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The Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation was founded in 1997 to preserve the early civil rights history of Falls Church and vicinity. The history of Tinner Hill is about civil rights, location, and a few brave people who defended the U.S Bill of Rights. It is about hard work and perseverance. E.B. Henderson, Joseph Tinner and numerous others who lived on or around Tinner Hill had to outsmart and outflank the rulers of this rural area and they did. Today, we all reap the benefits of this almost forgotten battle, and up to the eighth generation of these families still live on the hill.

The Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation has two, close-in-proximity properties that, remarkably, survive from the post Civil War period. Both properties are intimately tied to the history of Falls Church and to the struggles of African Americans to attain their rights and freedoms, from the period of Jim Crow through the Civil Rights Movement. The existence of the two properties presents the City of Falls Church and, in fact, the state and the nation, with a rare opportunity a) to preserve vernacular places not grand in stature but immensely important in the evolution of this freedom-based democracy, b) to acknowledge the importance of these places by making their presence central to the City’s development projects. (At present, these planned developments–commercial and residential buildings—surround or are visibly near the two African American sites.) In 1999 THHF constructed the Tinner Hill Monument located near both properties.

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